Grow with strategy and applications 

Strategic planning and Business Apps to increase your revenue, outreach, and services 

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Uptomize is the partner for advancing 

your mission, revenue, and services

We help to advance the capacity and management abilities of nonprofit and commercial organizations through our business management consulting, training, and business applications implementation support.  

Strategic Planning

Refresh the spirit of your mission and organization with a creative and actionable strategic plan. We help you to get started and grow your outreach and impact. 
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Web Design

We design and build attractive and effective websites, so you can showcase your exceptional work, attract supporters and inspire your community.  Offer your services, events, courses, or appointments online. 
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Facilitation and Training

Use our facilitators for your next strategic meeting or presentation.
We support you with training in Odoo, GIS, and other business software.

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Odoo ERP for Nonprofits

Use the world's leading open source ERP system for all aspects of your operation: donor management, campaigns, accounting, planning, events, scheduling, and call centers.  
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GIS & Maps for Nonprofits

Map your important data and gain further insights to support your community more effectively. 
Present your data in a new way. Share your maps online or offline. 
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Editing Services

Your grant applications, reports, websites, and fliers should reflect your professionalism. We help make your important operation stand out. 
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Odoo for Field Services 

Field Service Management (FSM) ties into a multitude of business systems. Odoo provides the framework for managing sales, inventory, parts, and accounting. 
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We listen -

We take extra effort to understand your needs and requirements.  We will reflect what we heard and verify your requirements prior to any commitments.

We implement -
with experience.

We will help you implement an optimized solution for your needs. Our team has the experience and dedication to get you up and running quickly. 

We support -
with passion.

We are there for you when you need 
advice, training, or support.
Our passion is to help you to help others.  

Years of Odoo experience
Years of nonprofits experience
Years of GIS experience
Companies our team has helped

Our mission

Our mission is to advance the capacity and management abilities of nonprofit and commercial organizations using our business consulting and implementation services experience.

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Our values

Compassion: We are caring and kind to everyone.
Accountability: We own our actions and results.
Respect: We treat people with dignity.
Integrity: We build trust through actions.
Teamwork: We achieve the best together.

Our team

We are a dynamic company with decades of experience. We are here to inform, educate, and support.  We believe in a healthy blend of commercial and open-source technology to implement affordable and flexible management decision systems.

We help nonprofits help others. 

Adopt best nonprofit business practices and grow.