Strategic Planning for Nonprofits

Using the AWSOME process

Our team will help you define and implement the strategic plan to boost your organization's growth and impact.  

We developed the AWSOME process that guarantees results:


Evaluate and understand the current operations


Conduct a workshop with stakeholders


Create the 
Strategic plan


Implement changes in your Operation


Measure and adjust as needed


Grow Funding, visibility, and programs

Below is a list of typical activities we work through during our planning sessions.

Strategy development

Work with staff and board members in strategic planning methodologies and facilitate the development of a strategic plan.

Training activities: Offer workshops on strategic planning frameworks, guide participants through exercises to identify priorities and strategies, and provide templates and resources for developing a strategic plan.

SWOT analysis

Build the capacity of staff and board members to conduct SWOT analyses to inform strategic decision-making.

Training activities: Conduct training sessions on SWOT analysis methodology, provide templates and guidelines for conducting SWOT analyses, and facilitate practice exercises to develop analytical skills.

Mission and vision alignment

Ensure staff and board members have a clear understanding of the organization's mission and vision.

Training activities: Conduct workshops and presentations to communicate the mission and vision, facilitate group discussions to clarify understanding, and develop materials (e.g., brochures, videos) to reinforce the messaging.

Goal setting

Train staff and board members on effective goal-setting techniques and aligning goals with the strategic direction.

Training activities: Provide training sessions on SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) goal setting, facilitate brainstorming exercises to generate goals, and offer guidance on aligning individual goals with the organizational goals.

Environmental analysis

Equip staff and board members with the skills to conduct environmental analysis and stay informed about sector trends.

Training activities: Conduct training sessions on environmental scanning techniques, provide resources for staying updated on sector trends, and organize workshops for sharing and discussing findings.

Stakeholder engagement

Train staff and board members on effective stakeholder engagement strategies and techniques.

Training activities: Offer training on stakeholder analysis and mapping, conduct workshops on effective communication and engagement methods, and provide guidance on tools for collecting stakeholder feedback (e.g., surveys, interviews).

Performance metrics

Train staff and board members on selecting and measuring key performance metrics to track progress towards strategic goals.

Training activities: Conduct training sessions on performance measurement frameworks, assist in identifying relevant metrics, and provide guidance on data collection and analysis techniques.

Resource allocation

Train staff and board members on effective resource allocation strategies to support strategic initiatives.

Training activities: Provide training sessions on budgeting and resource allocation techniques, facilitate discussions on prioritization and trade-offs, and offer guidance on tracking and managing resources.

Implementation planning

Train staff and board members on developing detailed implementation plans to effectively execute the strategic plan.

Training activities: Conduct workshops on action planning, guide participants in developing detailed implementation plans, and provide tools and templates for tracking progress and milestones.

Monitoring and evaluation

Train staff and board members on monitoring and evaluation methodologies to assess progress and make necessary adjustments.

Training activities: Offer training sessions on monitoring and evaluation frameworks, guide participants in developing evaluation plans, and provide resources for conducting regular reviews and reporting.